Halifax International Recruitment Program

Find the right global talent for your industry.

Halifax Partnership is helping employers recruit and hire national and international talent to address critical labour shortages, with a focus on skilled trade gaps impacting the construction industry and Halifax's housing supply.

Our International Recruitment Program gave local employers an opportunity to share their job postings with experienced candidates who are interested in, and ready to, immigrate to Halifax.

Our licensed international recruiter worked with the employers to promote their job openings at national and international job fairs and streamline the recruitment and hiring process.

Our licensed international recruiter is now reviewing all the candidate applications for the job postings and connecting them with participating employers.

How does the International Recruitment Program work?

  1. Halifax employers submitted their open job positions through the form below.
  2. Our licensed international recruiter worked with them to develop job descriptions that attracted candidates from different countries and cultural backgrounds.
  3. Our team promoted your job postings, and Halifax as a place to live and work, at the national and international recruitment fairs.
  4. We are identifying the candidates that best match the requirements of the employers, pre-qualify them, and provide them with a shortlist.
  5. We will guide them through the recruitment and hiring process including the legal, regulatory, logistical, and settlement aspects of hiring international talent.

Benefits for Employers

Get to Know Halifax Icon

Access to complimentary international recruitment and immigration guidance

Refer Icon

Streamline the recruitment and hiring process for the employer and candidates

Match Icon

Find the right candidates for hard to fill roles, including chronic skilled trades shortages

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Save time and effort in pre-screening candidates

What are the Benefits of Hiring International Talent?

Accessing a wider talent pool, helping you fill labour gaps and grow your business

Talent Icon

Bringing diversity and global expertise into your organization

Tapping into international markets and networks

Strengthening your industry and growing the local labour force


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Robyn Webb

Director, Labour Market Development & Executive Director, National Connector Program

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