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What is the Connector Program?

Our award-winning Connector Program, presented by RBC, matches newcomers and recent post-secondary graduates (Connectees) in Halifax with established business and community leaders (Connectors) who help them build their local business network.

Connectors are Halifax-based business owners and operators, managers, civil servants, and community leaders who are keen to meet new talent and help them make professional connections in the Halifax region. Whether you have a few years of experience or are a C-level executive, you can be a Connector. This “light ask” volunteer experience has a big impact on our community, businesses, and people’s lives.


Connect to a diverse pool of newcomers and new graduates to grow your business and industry.

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Benefits of Being a Connector

  • Connect to a diverse pool of pre-screened new grads and newcomers in Halifax – potential talent for your business and industry.
  • Grow your local professional network and gain fresh perspectives.
  • Help keep top talent in Halifax to support business and economic success.
  • Demonstrate leadership in making Halifax a welcoming community for new grads and newcomers.
  • Participate in an easy and rewarding volunteer experience.

Connect in 3 Simple Steps:

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Program staff meets with Connectees to discuss their backgrounds and ensure they’re “job ready”. Each Connectee is matched with a Connector in Halifax based on industry experience and professional background. An introduction email is sent to the Connector and Connectee to set up a meeting.

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The Connector and Connectee meet for 30 minutes online or over the phone to discuss industry details, skills and areas of expertise, related news, current market demands and hidden job opportunities in Halifax.

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Connectors then refer the Connectee to a minimum of three people in their network. These referrals may be potential employers, influential leaders within their industry or others who may benefit from meeting with a skilled professional.

Teo Kim's Photo

Teo Kim
Connector Program Manager

As a Connector, you will meet a wealth of diverse, pre-qualified newcomers and new grads looking to build their network and careers in Halifax.

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Teo Kim

Connector Program Manager

As a Connector, you will meet a wealth of diverse, pre-qualified newcomers and new grads looking to build their network and careers in Halifax.

  • Heather Headshot Low Res

    "What I love about the Connector Program is that it helps individuals align to roles that fit their expertise and skillsets best. The faster we can connect the right skillsets with the right roles and companies, the better for everyone.  The program helps newcomers integrate to Canada and make Nova Scotia their home by extending their network and helping them build a sense of community here. It also creates incredibly engaging employee volunteer opportunities. Many of our Connectors and Connectees have stayed in touch long after their original meetings." - Heather Gojanovic | Director, Transformation and Innovation, Strategy Enablement, RBC

  • Sarah Buckle Headshot 2024 Low Res

    “I am fortunate to be a Connector in the Connector Program. When we think about the impact the Connector Program has both for the participants and also for the city, it is an honour to be part of it. This program isn’t just about connecting new graduates and newcomers to potential employers. It is also about establishing a network, putting down roots, and building a sense of community.” - Sarah Buckle | Partner - Sustainability and Climate, Deloitte

  • Nick Misener Headshot Low Res

    "Volunteering with the Connector Program has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career. I've met incredible individuals - inspiring newcomers and up-and-coming recent graduates - who are looking to establish roots in our city and build their professional networks. Through this program, I've enriched my own network and have learned so much from each Connectee's unique life experiences. It's been an honour (and a ton fun) to have the opportunity to help and meet so many great people through this program." - Nick Misener | Partner- IT Recruitment, Venor

  • David Brushett Headshot 2024 Low Res

    "I joined the Halifax Connector Program approximately a year ago, and it has been a great experience. I am constantly on the lookout for engineering talent to support my fast-growing team. I have been impressed with the diverse group of new graduates and recent immigrants to Canada I have met, all eager to contribute their expertise to the clean energy and energy efficiency sectors in Nova Scotia. I've met highly skilled candidates with fresh perspectives that are vital for continued growth of our industry. I strongly encourage others to take advantage of this opportunity to connect with and harness the potential of new talent in our region." - David Brushett | Manager, Energy Management Services, EfficiencyOne

  • Jinho Baek Headshot Low Res

    "I joined the Halifax Connector Program as Connectee in 2018 and was able to connect with professionals in the industry that I was interested in. It was a great opportunity to network as an experienced newcomer in Nova Scotia. [As a Connector], I have had the privilege to meet new immigrants who are looking to advance or continue their careers in Nova Scotia. It’s a very meaningful program that I would highly recommend if you are willing to support newcomers and new grads." - Jinho Baek | Business Navigation and Operations Manager, IKEA

  • Peter Ndiforchu Headshot Low Res

    "The Halifax Connector Program has been transformational for me. As someone who moved to Halifax and having lived in some of the big cities like Calgary, and Vancouver I have never seen a program so rich and valuable. I have been able to contribute greatly to my community by sharing my career experiences and building a strong network in the process. I have met some very amazing and talented people from different backgrounds, and I am so honored and privileged to be a Connector facilitating transitions for many who are new to Halifax and looking to get started in the field of data analytics." - Peter Ndiforchu | Founder/Head Data Career Coach, Data Career Compass

  • Nader Khaldi Headshot Low Res

    "As a manager and professional, my experience with the Halifax Partnership Connector Program has been truly rewarding. It not only allowed me to share my professional insights and industry experiences but also provided me a unique opportunity to engage, learn and grow. In each meeting with eager and ambitious newcomers and recent graduates, I saw a fresh wave of talent that Halifax can greatly benefit from. It’s a testament to how effective networking can significantly contribute to an individual's professional journey and the dynamic growth of the community." - Nader Khaldi | Electrical Engineer, P.Eng. Associate and Operations Team Manager, Advisor Electrical Engineer, P.Eng. Associate and Operations Team Manager, Advisor, Dillon Consulting Limited

  • Winston Morton Headshot Low Res

    "In Halifax, we're all about connections — connecting to our community and linking our businesses. Through my experiences with Halifax Partnership, I've witnessed firsthand how crucial these connections are. The Connector Program is at the heart of this effort. It's dedicated to connecting people, whether they're new to Halifax or have lived here their whole lives, helping them embark on new ventures and find the right support and opportunities. This program is more than just a network; it’s what makes Halifax a vibrant and prosperous place that I'm proud to promote." - Winston Morton | Chief Executive Officer, Climative






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Teo Kim's Photo

Teo Kim
Connector Program Manager

Become a Connector to help make Halifax a welcoming, inclusive, and prosperous city for business and talent.

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Teo Kim

Connector Program Manager

Become a Connector to help make Halifax a welcoming, inclusive, and prosperous city for business and talent.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Connector Program

Who are "Connectees"?

Our Connectees are internationally educated professionals and recent post-secondary graduates who come from a variety of backgrounds. They are all screened to be part of this program. They are aware that the goal of the Connector Program is to enhance networking skills, not to ask for employment.

What is the commitment to be a Connector?

You will only be asked for a one-time informational meeting for half an hour. The intention is to give the Connectee an understanding of how your industry works, and help them build a professional network here.

Where do I meet with my Connectee?

The meeting will be scheduled either at the Connector’s office or another convenient public location suggested by the Connector. The Connector can also choose to meet with the Connectee virtually.

How do I help the Connectee build their network?

After your meeting, you will be asked to provide your Connectee with up to three more referrals, essentially creating a basic business network or web of connections. You will only need to provide these referrals if you feel comfortable doing so.

Do I need to keep in touch with the Connectee?

For this program, we do not expect a ‘mentor connection’ where you would routinely keep in touch. If you would like to be connected on LinkedIn or through e-mail, that is up to you but it is not expected. We do hope though that the Connectee will share good news with you, such as when they secure employment.

Do I have to be able to offer a job to the Connectee?

Absolutely not. Connectees are aware that the goal of the Connector Program is to enhance their networking skills, enhance their current job search strategies, and expand their professional network.



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