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Looking for resources and connections to hire Halifax’s best emerging talent? Explore our comprehensive guide to hiring youth.

A Guide to Hiring Youth

Halifax has a wealth of young talent – local and international graduates and young professionals with drive and enthusiasm who can make an incredible impact on your business. Together, we can make our city a magnet for young talent. Get the information and connections to resources you need to hire and retain youth in our city.

Youth Hiring Incentives

If your business or organization is looking to hire a young professional, you may be eligible for one of the many incentive programs available in Nova Scotia. For a full list of incentive programs and support organizations that can help, download our handbook.

Wage Subsidy Programs

Co-operative Education Incentive

Province of Nova Scotia
Provides wage subsidies for employers offering jobs to students and graduates. Employers can receive $7.50/hour up to 40/hours per week.

Graduate to Opportunity

Province of Nova Scotia
Incentives are available for eligible businesses hiring recent graduates - 25% of the first year’s salary, 35% if the new grad is a minority, and 12.5% of the second year’s salary.

Career Connect Program

A program for young graduates that enables on-the-job learning path to potential full-time employment. Subsidies of up to 75% of wages paid are available.

Innovate to Opportunity

Province of Nova Scotia
Offers SMEs up to 50% salary contributions to hire recent Masters and PhD graduates for jobs focused on research and innovation to contribute to export growth.

Internship Program

Venture for Canada
Wage subsidies are available for entrepreneurial organizations looking to hire students. This also includes support for the hiring, interviewing, and onboarding processes.

Clean Leadership Program

Clean Foundation
A wage subsidy of up to $15,000 is available with the Professional internship program which partners with Canadian employers rooted in the Clean Economy.

Support Programs

Nova Scotia Works

Province of Nova Scotia
Offer programs for Nova Scotia businesses to help recruit, manage and develop the talent they need to be more productive.

One Journey Work and Learn

Province of Nova Scotia
Supports skill development and employment opportunities for Nova Scotians in industries where a shortage of labour has been identified.


Province of Nova Scotia
Offers free learning for Nova Scotia businesses and valuable skills training to employees and managers.

Welcoming Workplaces

Nova Scotia Works

Offers information and tools to support employers tap into the full potential of the province’s diverse workforce.

Youth Hiring Resource

Inspired to Hire
Resource for employers to explore potential opportunities and learn more about how and when to hire youth.

10 Reasons to Hire a Young Professional

  • They are innovative, think differently, and generate new ideas and solutions that will positively impact your bottom line.

  • They learn fast, multitask well and are willing to put in the work.

  • They grew up in a digital world and can rapidly adopt new technology.

  • They have core transferrable skills, such as written and oral communication, problem solving, organization, and data analysis, and are eager to develop them in your workplace.

  • They benefit succession planning and meeting your long-term labour needs, allowing you to promote from within.

  • They bring academic contacts and have a pulse on the latest research and trends.

  • They want experience with a variety of tasks, allowing you to expand the skillset and job descriptions of your current labour force.

  • They can help you target and reach younger markets.

  • They have grown up in a globally connected world and may have experience studying or living abroad.

  • They are flexible in hours and availability, beneficial for non-traditional schedules or roles that require travel.


How We Can Help

Match Icon

The Connector Program can match you with new immigrants or recent graduates in your industry looking to build their professional network in Halifax. Contact Program Manager Nathan Laird to learn more.

Refer Icon

The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) team can assist you with navigating the AIP employer designation process to hire international workers and graduates. Contact Robyn Webb, Director, Labour Market Development to learn more.

Partner Organizations

All of Halifax’s post-secondary institutions offer experiential learning programs for employers to hire students on a short-term basis – Dalhousie University, Eastern College, Mount Saint Vincent University, NSCAD University, NSCC, Saint Mary’s University. Additionally, there are a number of organizations that can connect you to young and emerging talent. Learn more about them below.

CivicAction's HireNext helps employers update hiring practices to recruit and retain a more diverse, dynamic young talent pool.

EduNova's Atlantic Study and Stay Program matches mentors with international students to build employment skills and connections.

RBC Future Launch provides students with resources to empower them for their futures. Employers can promote available job opportunities online.

Need help navigating programs?

Get tailored experiential learning advice and connections to post-secondary institutions. To learn more, contact Paula Mackay, Provincial Experiential Learning Project Coordinator.



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