Reverse Trade Show

Don't miss an afternoon of networking with all levels of government and the greater public sector in Nova Scotia, the Altantic Provincial procurement departments and various departments of the Federal Government to to increase your awareness of public sector procurement opportunities.

This show offers several channels for exploring opportunities and gaining valuable insight into the processes and systems of public procurement. In addition, improve access to more provincial government business and to identify other public sector supplier opportunities in Atlantic Canada.

This event presents real opportunities to begin the conversations and build relationships essential to maximizing business relationships between Nova Scotia companies and the public sector.


  • Kick-off and Welcoming Remarks
  • Workshops/Speaker Sessions
  • Business Services Station
  • Trade Show
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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Casino Nova Scotia

1983, Casino Nova Scotia
Upper Water Street, Downtown Halifax
B3J 3Y5
Halifax County, Nova Scotia



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