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Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is based at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. Through a cross-country expansion, CDL has partnered with Dalhousie’s Faculty of Management to create CDL-Atlantic. CDL-Atlantic fosters the creation of powerful “blue-green” technology ventures through strategic alignment with Dalhousie’s world-class research expertise in ocean, clean tech and environmental technology, agri-food, and bio-products. CDL-Atlantic implements the methodology established at the Rotman School of Management, which employs an objective-based mentoring process led by highly accomplished entrepreneurs and angel investors focused on developing massively scalable, science-based startups, often predicated on ideas developed over years of university research.
The program also provides companies opportunities to raise capital and receive guidance from world-class mentors. The program is focused on a single goal: equity value maximization.

How we can help:

  • Financial Support
    • Accessing Capital
  • Business Development & Growth
    • Mentors and Advisors
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Support
    • R&D / Commercialization

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    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Support
      • Acceleration and Incubation
      • Coworking Space



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