Important Notice

The Connector+ mobile app has been successfully used by business leaders, immigrants and new graduates as a way to build their professional networks in Halifax and across Nova Scotia. We’ve heard from users and potential users that many prefer to connect face-to-face instead of using the app so we’re winding down the use of our Connector+ app and turning off its functionality effective December 15, 2022.

If you aren’t already using our face-to-face Connector program its quick and easy to sign up. Just reach out to the Connector Program Coordinator in the community nearest to you and they’ll guide you through the process and get you connected in no time!

Halifax Partnership Connector Program: contact Teo Kim

Cape Breton Partnership Connector Program: contact Katie Jamieson

North NS Connector Program: contact Matthew Berrigan

Valley Regional Enterprise Network Connector Program: contact Kyle Walsh

Western Regional Enterprise Network Connector Program: contact Miranda MacLean



Professional connections are critical to career success. Whether you are looking to build your network or connect with new and emerging talent, the Connector Program can help.



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