A simple and effective app that connects young talent and business professionals in Nova Scotia.

Experience a new way to network in Nova Scotia. The Connector Plus app helps soon-to-be and recent graduates (Connectees) grow their professional network in Nova Scotia by connecting them with experienced professionals (Connectors) in their local area.

3 Simple Steps

1. Match

Soon-to-be and recent grads are matched with professionals across Nova Scotia based on their skill-set and sectors and industries of interest.

2. Connect

Participants meet by phone or video chat to discuss local industries, professional skills and interests, current market demands, and hidden job opportunities.

3. Refer

Connectors refer the soon-to-be or recent grad to three other professionals, helping to quickly build their network.



Build your professional network and make connections with the official Connector Program app - Connector Plus. Whether your career is just getting started or well underway, Connector Plus is the simple way to build your network in Nova Scotia and discover opportunities.

Is Connector Plus for me?

My career is just getting started

Are you a soon-to-be or recent graduate living or studying in Nova Scotia? Showcase your talent, get valuable career advice, and build your professional network with Connector Plus.

My career is well underway

Do you have professional connections in Nova Scotia? Meet new talent, share your knowledge, and help soon-to-be and recent graduates get connected into our business community.

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In partnership with select National Connector Program communities:

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Professional connections are critical to career success. Whether you are looking to build your network or connect with new and emerging talent, the Connector Program can help.



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