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Are you looking to grow your professional network in Halifax and find employment in your field?

With a growing and increasingly diverse economy, booming local tech community, and vibrant innovation ecosystem, there are endless career opportunities in Halifax's key sectors.

Connector Program

Our award-winning Connector Program helps new immigrants and recent graduates grow their professional network in Halifax.

Career Opportunities

Explore opportunities to develop and build your career in Halifax.

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Looking for jobs in Halifax? Check out Halifax's top companies in our key growth sectors.

Explore the Key Sectors in Halifax

IT, Gaming, & Digital Media

Learn about Halifax's IT, gaming & digital media sector fueled by 8 post-secondary institutions, world-renowned research institutions, and a growing start-up community.

Financial Services

Halifax is the regional hub for Canada's Big 5 banks and home to 1,100+ finance, insurance & real estate firms with 19,000+ employees.

Ocean Economy

Halifax is a global leader in ocean science, technologies, and business with a robust ocean innovation ecosystem.


Halifax is Canada's ocean city and a centre for climate and clean technology R&D and works to address climate change through science, innovation, and infrastructure development.

Life Sciences

Halifax is a regional centre for health & life science excellence with major research centres, leading hospitals, and post-secondary institutions.

Transportation & Logistics

Halifax Gateway is a strategic location for moving goods in and out of North America and traveling to and from international destinations.

Support Programs to Boost Employment

Alongside a plethora of job opportunities in Halifax for young professionals and immigrants, there are several programs available to support your job search and career development. Job seekers and employers can leverage these programs.

Graduate to Opportunity

Recent graduates, including international graduates from local universities, can promote this hiring incentive program to prospective employers to boost employability.

Innovate to Opportunity

Recent master's or Ph.D. graduates from local universities can leverage this hiring incentive program to boost their employability in small and medium businesses.

Explore More About Life In Halifax

Find out all about Halifax, where growth and diversity go together, offering something for everybody. From great career opportunities to unforgettable getaways, it's all here!



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